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Biggest Online Casino Wins of All Time

Online casinos can be very rewarding and pay life-changing cash with their progressive jackpot slots/pokies. This is true for many players who have crossed the $1 million mark gambling online casino sites. Some of these winners have earned much more than a million dollars and now live a life of comfort. This guide aims to discuss these players, especially those that were able to trigger mouth-watering payouts from the biggest win online slots. The scope of this research will cover the biggest casino win in Canada and all over the world.

An important point to note is that all of these cashouts were from progressive jackpots triggered in Canadian, New Zealand, and different sites worldwide.

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🔟 Mega Moolah – $8.8m

The $8.8 Mega Moolah drop earned by one blessed player, D.P., remains one of the biggest online gambling wins playing with a mobile casino. The lucky individual was signed in to Zodiac online casino when Mega Moolah slot gave him an early Christmas gift on August 28, 2016. According to operators, the player benefitted from the 80 Chances to Become A Millionaire program when lady luck smiled at him. This program still exists and only requires a $1 first deposit to admit newly registered players. You could sign up for the promotion and be the next benefactor of Zodiac, and Mega Moolah Canadian Jackpot wins. However, why D.P. walked away with a life-changing amount? He has never shared his personal I.D. What is known of the mystery player is their two-letter initials and that they won with an iPad.


9️⃣ Mega Moolah – $9.2m

In less than a year of its previous $8.8 million drop, Mega Moolah pulled another surprise jackpot magic of $9.2 million in April 2017. It was another massive drop from a mobile device and, this time, the benefactor was signed in to the Tipico platform. It is one of the biggest online casino wins for Tipico and the best from mobile gaming. The benefactor regularly played the online slot and, on D-day, was wagering $7.2 for each spin, a really impressive amount. His sacrifice paid off in a big way when the cash dropped. Like the $8.8 Zodiac Canada benefactor, this player remained anonymous. His name is unknown, and Tipico operators have refused to share their details. Nevertheless, their record will remain alive in Mega Moolah slot history books.

8️⃣ Mega Fortune – $9.5m

Mega Fortune is often considered the Mega Moolah of NetEnt. NetEnt competes directly with Mega Moolah’s Microgaming for game designs and, apparently, in paying out big win on online slots. However, a payout of roughly $9.57 to a stunned Alexander made Mega Fortune the darling of the year. The record drop took place on November 28, 2015, at Folkeautomaten and was one of the greatest recorded slot drops of that decade (2010 to 2020). The Lucky winner, who was 30 years old, hailed from Sweden and had been a patron of high-payout games. However, winning as much as he did was unprecedented and left him speechless, as he had stated in an interview. The chief product officer of NetEnt commented later on that they had paid out as much as $13 million within two weeks, including the $9.5 million drop. His claims confirmed NetEnt as one of the most rewarding providers in Canada and the world.

mega fortune

7️⃣ Mega Moolah – $10m

This amazing $10 million win from Mega Moolah online slot is famous for the mystery surrounding it. The benefactor was never known, and neither is there much media coverage about it. However, we know that the big win online casino that oversaw the drop was Jackpot City, one of the biggest brands in Canada and the world. Details of the winner have never been revealed, even though Microgaming chief operating officer had sent his congratulations. While the winner has never come forward, the drop is real and an inspiration to players targeting huge payouts. If you want a similar payout, you do not have to focus on just Mega Moolah. Other promising titles offer the same or even cashouts. These include; – Atlantean Treasures – Book of Atem: WowPot – Sisters of OZ: WowPot – Africa Legends These games allow you to clinch multi-million drops for a life-changing experience.

6️⃣ Mega Fortune – $13m

Mega Fortune again pulled a fantastic surprise with its $13.47 million drop to a young Norwegian who wasn’t expecting any big win for the day. The youngster, who has never revealed his name publicly, stated he decided to play the Canadian slot at night when he couldn’t sleep. However, what was supposed to be a bleary-eyed string of spin rounds became a life-changing few minutes that took the dizziness from the benefactor’s eyes. Even the head of Betsson.com, the site where the Norwegian had played the Mega Fortune title, was astonished. He acknowledged it was a good surprise for the casino, which was then globally recognized for big win online slots. The drop was recorded on the night of September 24, 2011, and has become the second-biggest payout from Mega Fortune in history.

5️⃣ Mega Moolah – $16.7m

When talking about the biggest casino wins ever, Mega Moolah online slot paying out over $16.7 million is worth considering. A Lucky Casino registered member received this win on August 20, 2020, the greatest for the year. The name of the Mega Moolah slot benefactor was never revealed as they seemed to cherish their anonymity.

4️⃣ Arabian Nights – $17.3m

NetEnt Arabian Nights brought out the storms when it paid a Norwegian a $17.3 WowPot. It was unexpected and unplanned. However, the benefactor quickly realized that the $17.3+ million presentation on his screen was real and, more importantly, his. The 2011 drop is still the largest for Arabian Nights, a 5 reel online slot with a standard 95.6% RTP. The game generally has a 10,000 coins jackpot, but the pooled progressives from different players got activated and changed the benefactor’s life.

3️⃣ Mega Fortune – $21m

NetEnt Mega Fortune did not hold back when it awarded a player a $21 million jackpot. While the sheer prize of the win makes everything seem like fantasy, the gambling size of the winner seems more shocking. A 25-cent bet was all it took for the lucky player to trigger the 3rd biggest win on online slots. The 40-year-old was playing the Mega Fortune game at the PAF site when he saw the WowPot. He stated he had laughed and cried when he realized he had won. The payout is the most rewarding ever recorded in PAF.

2️⃣ Mega Moolah – $23.5m

Mega Moolah remains the best jackpot-awarding online slot, and its 2018 $23.5 million drop cemented its legend. The fortunate benefactor who won the drop was playing the slot online at Grand Mondial on September 28 and wasn’t expecting anything special. The casino, with strong outreach in Canada, announced the amazing drop, which was record-breaking at the time, and Microgaming sent their congratulations. However, the player preferred anonymity and never revealed their identity to the media. Their status has remained unknown to date, but their legacy and that of the Mega Moolah slot still live on.

1️⃣ Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah – $23.6m

The greatest jackpot win in history was recorded only recently in 2021 when an extremely lucky player reached the stars in Belgium. On what was supposed to be a normal day on April 27, 2021, the Belgian hoped to win spins from the Absolooty Mad: Mega Moolah game. However, he got more than bargained in the best possible way, hitting a drop worth $23,632,599.85. Winning approximately $23.6 million sent shockwaves worldwide and proved how rewarding progressive slot games have become over time. The Absolooty Mad: Mega Moolah which triggered the payout, is an online machine with a theme inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It is built on Mega Moolah’s idea and has quickly proven to be a worthy protégée since its release in 2020. Many Canadian online sites currently host Absolooty Mad: Mega Moolah designed by Triple Edge Studios and Microgaming. Do not hesitate to spin for a nice cashout.


What is obvious in this guide is that the biggest win on online slots comes from progressive jackpots. Hence if you are thinking about the best Canadian online casino to sign up for massive payouts, it should be one hosting progressives. While there is no certainty that you may get the jackpots, you would give yourself a shot just like the winners in this guide.

The secret to winning a gambling jackpot title is targeting one or a few and consistently playing them. The bonanza may drop on one of your sessions. The best part is that you don’t have to place huge bets, as that is not much of an influence. Thankfully, most Canadian sites accept small deposits.

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