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Online Casino Β» Blacklisted Online Casinos for Canadian Players in 2024

Blacklisted Online Casinos for Canadian Players in 2024

Blacklisted casino sites are to be avoided at all costs, they’ll just waste your time and money. Our team of gambling experts has scoped the internet and tested a wide range of websites. We gathered info that helps identify these casinos and quit them if registered on them. Learn tips on preventing a rogue operator to scam you, understanding when being suspicious is best, and keeping your winnings safe.

What is a Blacklisted Online Casino?

The gambling industry is massive, with thousands of online casino sites available for players to choose from. Most are secure with a good range of offerings. Reputable authorities license Canadian online casinos based on their security level regarding software, gaming, payouts. Also, a gambling site must have clear rules, realistic conditions for their rewards and a wide range of casino games, features to choose from.

There are online platforms whose main goal is to scam people. A blacklisted site has questionable software that makes winning almost impossible. At times, they take advantage of the players who signed-up to steal their money. As a result, the casino industry gets a negative reputation due to some bad apples. The solution is to insert them on an online casino blacklist. This practice helped reduce the number of rogue online casinos.

Blacklisted Casinos List

Blacklisted Casino NameBlacklisted Reason
🚩 21 dukesWithdrawal problems
🚩 21 NovaDoubtful activity
🚩 50 Stars CasinoWithdrawal problems
🚩 7 Regal CasinoDoubtful activity
🚩 99 Slot MachinesWithdrawal problems
🚩 Absolute PokerUnfair gaming
🚩 Atlantic Casino ClubUnfair gaming
🚩 Backgammon MastersDoubtful activity
🚩 Be The DealerWithdrawal problems
🚩 Bet USWithdrawal problems
🚩 Breakaway CasinoWithdrawal problems
🚩 BTC CasinoWithdrawal problems
🚩 Cats Eye CasinoWithdrawal problems
🚩 Cirrus CasinoWithdrawal problems
🚩 Cool Cat CasinoWithdrawal problems

The Factors That Lead to the Blacklisting of an Online Casino​​​​​​​

Casinos get put on the hit list for a variety of reasons, from missing a casino license to selling user data. Let’s examine the most common ones.

No License

A reputable casino license is a must. If a website doesn’t have it, walk away immediately. All legitimate casinos hold one. It’s the first sign of reliability. For example, look for an MGA, Curacao, or UKGC license. These are among the most trustworthy in the world. Furthermore, ensure the casino displays the license number, not only a name. Playing in unregulated casinos is incredibly dangerous. It must be avoided at all times.

Hacked Software

When at a casino, games must be fair. Those that offer casino games using rigged or hacked software may offer a more considerable house edge than stated. They provide games without the RNG, which is fundamental for unspoilt gaming. Instead, find a casino audited by organisations like iTech Labs or eCOGRA. Their job is to ensure software isn’t rigged, and casino players can bet safely.

Changing Terms and Conditions

Knowing the T&Cs of a casino is crucial. There you find info regarding payments, wagering requirements, rewards, loyalty programmes, etc. Given the importance of the information, any change must be communicated and users notified. If a website doesn’t comply with this, something’s off. It can be to refuse payments or change a casino promotion’s terms. The latter is particularly common, making a user spend real money to get nothing in return.

Unauthorized Sale of Players’ Information

Safety and security are at the forefront of any legitimate casinos, primarily since they collect data through the KYC verification process. Scammers may sell any details for their gain, causing customers to get bombarded with a wide range of cold calls, messages, emails, or other nuisance practices. It’s unethical, plus it disregards the privacy of all users. This is a quick way for a casino site to enter a blacklist.

Casino Bonus Fraud

Bonuses are top features in online casinos. They attract clients, helping retain them. Blacklisted online gambling sites lure casino customers with generous promotions and offers. It’s only a faΓ§ade, players get nothing back. The excuse is often linked to changing the T&Cs or relying on grey areas.

Dealing with an Illegitimate Casino: Your Course of Action

If you discovered to be playing at rogue casinos, there are steps to take to solve the problem. It’s not a big deal, so keep calm, don’t panic. Complete the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Stop playing immediately. Avoid deposit funds, don’t use what’s in your account, withdraw all you have. Being registered at online casino sites on a blacklist doesn’t put you in immediate danger. Protect your finances, your data, plus stay calm all the time.
  • Report the platform. Once your funds are secured, disclose the platforms to the relevant authorities. For example, if licensed, report them to the licensing authority. There are also third-party watchdog sites that monitor casino activities. They can help with these issues. In both cases, they take steps for the casinos to get shut down.
  • Find a reliable casino. A bad event shouldn’t stop you from doing what you like. Play your favourite games without worrying by choosing a trustworthy company. Ensure a reputable authority licenses the casinos, has a wide range of positive reviews from a selection of players, and has clear-cut T&Cs to read through. Then start having fun and winning again.

The Risks of Blacklisted Websites

Joining a site on the blacklist affects your experience but, likewise, poses risks to your data, along with finances. If you’re a risk-lover and want to sign-up anyway at illegitimate casinos, check what the risks are first:

  • It could steal your payment information. Aside from risking your personal information being sold to third parties from the site, they require your banking details. Meaning that they can use those details for their benefit. It’s preferable to utilise a two-step authentication process to prevent it.
  • It keeps your funds. If stealing from your bankroll is too much, they can always get the funds from your casino account. A rogue casino site can change the T&Cs to its advantage, keeping all your money as a result.
  • Bad overall experience. The point of online gambling is about enjoyment. If the games are rigged, you can never win. So where’s the fun? But the worst is when you do win but can’t cash out your victory. Aside from the obvious frustration such a casino gives, you risk losing interest in gaming and depriving yourself of nice entertainment.

Is it Possible for a Site to Get Removed from the Casino Blacklist?​​​​​​​

A casino can be removed from the dreaded list. This is linked to specific cases where the offences weren’t too serious. It can happen that a casino site isn’t on the list anymore and is operating normally again. When this happens, it’s because they addressed the issues that caused their exclusion in the first place. But most of the time, rogue platforms were opened to take advantage of customers. As seen, their misdeeds are very serious, so it’s unlikely that casinos stealing from clients will be whitelisted. This can only happen when a casino shuts down. If a website doesn’t exist, it can’t be on the list.

How to Avoid Online Casino Scams

Having reached this point in the text, you should have an idea of how to avoid casino scams. The usual scenarios involve incredible offers and rewards, inviting conditions, and other mouthwatering incentives. Even if good things can indeed happen, it’s always best to be a bit sceptical and ensure to be on the safe side. To do so, follow these steps and avoid signing-up at rogue sites.

  • Read the T&Cs before joining. Nobody likes doing so but it’s crucial. There, you evaluate if a casino is legit or not. Even if changeable, there you have the most important information. They mention essentials like data protection, the security the sites use, and the requirements associated with promotions and bonuses. There’s info about reasons for an account to be banned too.
  • Avoid too-good-to-be-true offers. If a promotion suggests something extraordinary for very little, then it is likely unreal. These sorts of illegal gambling sites try and entice new players through shady deals with a bright faΓ§ade. In the end, these casinos will only get your capital and give nothing back.
  • Identify the withdrawal options. A reputable casino offers many methods and makes it easy. It provides well-known systems and achievable conditions. Shady casinos, instead, usually have many deposit methods but few obscure options to withdraw your funds. The alternative is that they list loads of alternatives that make it unlikely they partnered with so many companies.
  • Read expert reviews. People attract people, and this is key to casino platforms. If many experts and players say a website is trusted and offers good deals and security features, then the chances are they’re right. Do research and ensure the platform is legit before you trust it.

Report a Suspected Rogue Casino to Us​​​​​​​

As gamblers, we should help each other and give a helping hand whenever possible. Our team is committed to protecting the casino industry and keeping it safe by avoiding rogues that could harm and scam us for loads of money. We’re on the lookout for threats constantly, and any help is welcomed. Warn us if you know problematic casinos, want to investigate suspicious ones or have doubts. The aim of our platform is to keep users informed and discourage people from joining risky sites.


These casinos scam people, steal money and bring bad vibes to the gambling industry. That’s why they deserve to be boycotted and possibly repressed. They get built to take advantage of players instead of bringing them the joy coming from entertainment, whether it is trying a new slot or table game. Following the tips on this page, you know how to avoid problems and have fun without worrying about a scam or losing money.

Luckily, thousands of legitimate platforms are still available online that trade with the correct licence from organisations like MGA and UKGC. You can explore the rest of our platform to find a reliable place to play your favourite games.


What should I do if I already have an account?
If in this situation, get out as quickly as possible. It’s the best thing to do. You may need to cut your losses and let go of the bankroll sitting in your account, but it is better than staying there. So instead, contact the regulatory authority or the licensed organisation to try and take the platform down.
How do I know what a bonus scam is?
These scams are when a casino promises a massive promotion to get you to sign up and then not following through. High wagering requirements may be impossible to meet, or they don’t let you withdraw your winnings.
Is there a way I can report blacklisted gambling sites you can’t trust?
If the site holds a license, you can raise your concerns regarding them to the appropriate authority. In other cases, you may need to distance yourself and warn further players.
Will I ever get my money back?
It is possible but not very likely. You can try contacting the regulatory authority or website to see if it refunds you, but sometimes you might need to cut your losses and move on.
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